MCM Concrete s.a.r.l is located in Naher el Mot,
supplying Ready Mix Concrete covering Mount
Lebanon & Beirut areas.

MCM Concrete is a sister company of MCM
Group, having a long history in building
construction and contracting fields
in the Middle East and Gulf countries
(Lebanon, UAE and KSA).


MCM Concrete is managed in partnership with Engineer Joseph Zbeidy, who has 15 years experience in the ready mix concrete industry.

We are supplying ready mix concrete for MCM Group Lebanon that is undertaking various construction projects in Beirut and North Lebanon (Las Salinas resort).

We are commited to establishing long term, valuable business relationships by providing its customers with quality materials at competitve prices.



ready-mix-concrete-lebanon-mcm-concrete ready-mix-concrete-lebanon-mcm-concrete

At MCM concrete, we understand that our product, concrete is one of the most unique
and versatile building materials in the world.

It can assume virtually any shape and reach great strengths.
Mixing, transportation, placing and curing can influence its plastic and hardened propreties.

This is why MCM Concrete palces great emphasis on quality.

Concrete is perishable in its plastic
state and very "sensitive"
from the time the raw materials are
combined until the final
product is delivered


MCM Concrete is leading the way to
higher quality practices with the implementation of a
Quality Management System based on the guidelines and
principles of ACI 121



MCM Concrete is commited to
operate in an environmentally
and socially responsible manner.

A sustainable, environment-friendly
operation will reward the
and customers and will bring
about positive changes
in our entire industry.